Overcoming Loneliness on the Spiritual Path


Who can we share our tribulations and trials with as we continually seek personal transformation and spiritual progress in the midst of the materially driven day-to-day world? Who can we turn to to listen patiently and without judgement? Who can freely share experiences that they may have gone through that may be of help in our journey? 

The Bhakti Marga Sadhana community is where I can find such people to draw strength and inspiration from. Friendships are quick to form and these interactions remind me more and more of the regular presence of the Divine in my life.

I clearly remember two conversations with sister Atma Kriya yogis; one from Africa and another from Europe, a couple of months ago.

Note: I have randomly substituted their names with letters for anonymity.

Conversation with S:

S: 'I lost my cool today, very unlike me, it was over this...'

Me: 'What in particular made you angry?'

S: 'Her way or the highway, and constantly bashing/beating down people.'

Me: '….so you took the mother mode protecting your flock. Could it be seen it as love?'

S: '…. thank you for hearing me out. Sometimes I feel quite alone. I cannot share these with family or friends. So I sit before a picture of Paramahamsa Vishwananda and pour it all out.'

Conversation with B:

B: “The boys are growing up fast and we are doing things together but I can’t share easily with my extended blood family.”

Me: “Why?”

B: “They don’t understand our spiritual ways.”

Sound familiar?

There are several reasons we may feel lonely during our spiritual awakening and journey.

We may find that our priorities and the way we view life in general has changed and we are not able to relate to our family and friends as we used to before. For example, we may not want to read or watch world news that normally creates fear or trivial entertainment that does not allow us to purify our minds. This can create a big gap in how we relate to our friends and family.

Hiding our spirituality or chosen path from others is not uncommon. It is something I was guilty of for quite some time during the initial years. Eventually, I was comfortable revealing my spiritual path but it wasn't what I thought it would be. It was quite the opposite. I'd get frustrated, forcefully trying to change others and not understanding why they were not interested in 'waking up.' Only a few years ago did I let things take its natural course.

In a recent satsang on 23rd April 2020, Paramahamsa Vishwananda touched on this saying that 'we are in this world to spread the Love of God. This is the universal dharma. What God had given you is also to help others, not through force but by example.'

Sometimes however we can find ourselves alone, not really wishing to be, but without anyone to turn to. We may feel lonely and wish to be with others as we have little in common with our regular friends and family.

Conversation with S continues:

Me: '…you are my yogi sister, and I am quite fond of you…'

S: 'We are family.'

Conversation with B continues:

Me: 'Why don’t you share with me; I would like that.'

B: 'sure, will send some pictures and videos.'

There are some who may think that they can pursue spirituality on their own without needing anyone. Alone you cannot receive Love neither can you share the Love that you have inside you. The community is a place where the sharing of Love is easily made possible.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda regularly mentions the importance of being in such a community.

Each one of you has a certain experience of life. Each one of you has a certain experience along your spiritual path. You come together to share it. By sharing it, by coming together, what is happening? The transformation! You see, when everyone is separate, you feel lonely, you feel depressed and so on, but when you come together, a different atmosphere is created. There is more joy, more happiness. 

 -Paramahamsa Vishwananda.


Conversation with S ends:

S: “Ok, we chat tomorrow…need to go”

Me: “Is your heart at peace?”

S: “Yes.”

Feels so amazing to be part of such a caring and diverse family of Atma Kriya yogis from all over the world, I happily think as I read her response.

Conversation with B ends:

Me: “I look forward to them.”

To my utmost joy the photos and videos are shared at regular intervals. I watch a video of a little boy dressed as a lion roaring and chuckling away whilst skipping towards his mother to hug her and think how wonderful it is to be part of these little moments of some of the deepest expressions of love between a mother and child.

I enjoy actively being part of the Bhakti Marga Sadhana community. What about you? Are you part of the sadhana community through group practices, OM chanting, and similar events? Would you like to linger on a little longer after the event to share and learn from each other? Your sadhana teacher or organizer will be overjoyed to facilitate. You only have to ask!



Due to our current climate right now all around the world we have people connecting via online platforms to do daily sadhana practice together. This is the perfect opportunity to delve deep into your sadhana with the love and support of our worldwide community.

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