The Power of Bhajans and Kirtan


Some years back I was blessed with experiencing the beauty of Bhajans and Kirtan and the impact it can have on spiritual development.

During the first weekend of May 2012 Bhakti Marga UK arranged a Sangha travel group of 47 people including Guruji (Paramahamsa Vishwananda) to travel from London to Edinburgh, where Guruji gave Satsang and Darshan. We had a wonderful weekend and then once back in London Guruji gave interviews. My husband and I had an interview with Guruji; he gave us his blessing for us to move to Spain, he told each of us who our Ishtadev is, he initiated me into AKY (Atma Kriya Yoga) Level 2, and he then invited us to a small gathering the following day in East London. My husband explained that he could not go because he was leaving the country that morning for a work trip; Guruji then turned to me and said that I should come alone, but I felt reticent, I didn’t really know the crowd who were going to be there very well so I told him I was too shy to go, he just said, “come”. So I did.

When I arrived at the party the Bhajans and Kirtan had just begun. It was a small group of people but the energy was tremendous. Singing can be an incredibly moving and emotional experience, but signing the name of God through mantras and chanting the divine names is one of the most simple, and yet powerfully fast, ways to reach the divine. Through devotional signing we rise out of the limitations of the mind, we are able to let go of the confines of the ego, the heart opens and it connects with the divine. Through devotional singing we feel a boundlessness to our beings, clapping the hands together opens he heart (as the hands are very closely related to the heart), and by dancing we feel a freedom so this divine energy can be fully expressed.

I have always enjoyed listening to music and singing, I love how it can alter my mood, or recapture a memory however this evening during Kirtan with Guruji was exceptional; through listening and singing Kirtan I experienced pure ecstacy.

Later on that evening Guruji asked me to go upstairs with him, as we were talking he manifested a ring for me. I was awestruck and prostrated at his feet which is something I had never done before; before this moment it had not felt natural and I would have felt inauthentic to do so. However at this moment it was instinctive and I knew He was my Satguru. He had broken down barriers I had but was unaware of, there was a massive shift within, and I was in a complete state of Bliss that left me feeling elated for many days after. The Kirtan beforehand played a very important role in lovingly removing any obstacles that were impeding me on my spiritual path.

Devotional singing and chanting the Divine Names is easy, it’s fun, it’s uplifting, and it’s transformational. The only condition is to be sincere; do it with all your heart, let go of any preconceptions you may have of the situation, yourself, or the surroundings; let go of everything, completely surrender to the moment, feel the vibrations of the songs resonate through the body and expand the heart.

Remember it is all about Love.

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