Full Moon OM Chanting

Good Vibrations

The full moon intensifies the positive vibration of OM. To optimise this effect, simultaneous OM Chanting circles are held around the world with a shared intention. In this way, the global practice helps transform our planet by uniting local communities and sending out a strong positive vibration to everyone. It also magnifies the healing effect on participants and the environment.

Shared Intention

Since energy is not bound by time or space, the positive vibrations of Full Moon OM Chanting can also be directed, through group intention, toward a variety of causes, including natural disaster areas, conflict zones and suppressed groups. Other shared intentions have included tolerance, world peace and non-violence. 

Whenever possible, Full Moon OM Chanting circles are held at the same time worldwide: 20:00-21:30 h CET.

As the full moon reacts on the water element, it reacts on the body and the mind. OM chanting imprints the cosmic sound of OM, making each cell of your body vibrate this cosmic sound. So automatically, in place of going crazy, you feel good! You feel calm, in a meditative mood.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

2019 Full Moon Dates

Full Moon Dates Day Intention  
22 Dec 2018 Saturday Open yourself to the Unity with the Divine
21 January Monday Have Faith and Patience on the Spiritual Path
19 February Tuesday Balance of Male and Female energy in all Living Beings
21 March Thursday Caring and Protecting Mother Earth, all Animals and Living Beings
19 April Friday Being Merciful towards People
18 May Saturday Supporting each other as Human Beings on the Spiritual Path
17 June Monday Being Thankful for what God has given to us
16 July Tuesday Vegetarian and Veganism
15 August Thursday Being Strong and Grounded on Life Challenges
14 September  Saturday Humility towards God and His Creation
13 October Sunday Acceptance of Ourselves
12 November Tuesday Forgiveness of past Events and People
12 December Thursday Purification of Rivers, Water, Sea, Air and Earth

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