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Project Mantra is a free, guided program that helps you gradually build up an easy, yet powerful daily chanting practice over 40 days. It is perfect for beginners who want a simple, effective tool to quiet the mind, open the heart, and create a positive habit of connecting with the Divine on a daily basis.

Project Mantra is our mantra meditation practice. Everyone can do it, anytime and anywhere, even children. Simple daily repetitions of a mantra will take you deep into the beauty and mystery of chanting the Divine Name. The practice is especially powerful when you turn every repetition into a heartfelt prayer.

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Simple and Powerful

Redirect the Mind

Mantra chanting is an effective way to control a restless mind. Through regular repetition, the mind can be trained to focus on something positive – like the Divine Names – rather than the incessant inner judgments that tend to occupy our thoughts. Used for millennia, by every spiritual tradition, mantras are the predecessor of modern day affirmations.

Open the Heart

The power of a mantra is not hidden in its meaning, but found in its vibrational frequency. The most powerful mantras are timeless Sanskrit names for the Divine. Each syllable creates a vibration that awakens and manifests a Divine Quality such as peace, courage, love, compassion, and acceptance. The secret is to chant with love and devotion as this opens the heart, amplifies the vibration and allows you to experience Divine Love.

Develop a Positive Habit

It takes 40 days for the transformational power of the practice to create a permanent shift in your consciousness. During that time, you may also notice that you have a more positive outlook on life, improved concentration, greater self-awareness and less judgment toward yourself and others.

The more you chant, the more the power of the mind will decrease, the more you will be in divine bliss and the more your heart will open up to Divine Love.

Paramahamsza Sri Szvámi Vishwananda
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What people say

Bring peace to the world

Reciting the mantra made me enjoy a state of well-being that is not easy to translate into words. If I was calm, reciting the mantra was producing in me a smile. If I was agitated or anxious, or worried and afraid, the mantra helped me remain calm and change my point of view, giving importance to the right things. And it is also a wonderful feeling to be able to help bring a bit of peace in the world through the vibration of chanting the Divine Name. For me it was a great prelude to Atma Kriya Yoga.

Tiziana - Italy

Peace and satisfaction

Chanting has given me a lot of peace and satisfaction, a feeling of not needing anything to feel good. The more I recited, the more it was becoming deep and the more I was feeling that the outside world had less of a grip on me. Once while having dinner with my parents they began to quarrel, I started to recite the mantra inwardly. Immediately they lowered the tone of the discussion. I did not believe it. It was amazing, it really surprised me.

Nicolas - Italy

Solidified my sadhana

I started the Project Mantra six months after I was initiated into Atma Kriya Yoga. I loved it so much I immediately did another 40 days of the other mantra. It was fascinating to experience the two different mantras. One brought me peace and the other brought me joy. Doing the project really helped solidify my commitment to doing sadhana and to become more regular with my practice.

Sandy - USA

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