Living Sadhana


"Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your Soul and Spirit fly." 

Van Morrison


‘Perfect and peaceful for my daily meditation and yoga

I love what I do and I carry my peace with me wherever I go

There is no me and my spiritual practice there is no separation

I am my practice and my practice is me

Like breath, it is the force that flows my life ~ like the sun and the sea the stars and the sky I feel my Soul and Spirit fly.’


I wrote this when I was travelling. The quote above perfectly captures the essence of the place and the sunset views from my panoramic hotel windows by the sea. It was so beautiful to practice in such a beautiful summer location. I was truly in the moment; truly enjoying the moment. But of course, we are not always in the beautiful calm of a breathtaking location. More often than not, we are in the city, at work, commuting, surrounded by noise, frantic activity, and people. Moments of stillness and silence can seem rare and impossible to find in our too full, too busy world.

And right there, that’s the true beauty of sadhana. The more you practice, the deeper you go, the more it flows in your life. The most beautiful location of all, the silent beauty, stillness, and calm of the Divine connection, is always within you. All of the time in every moment in every situation. 

Meditation, our evolutionary sadhana, brings us into awareness. If you are just beginning or have been practising for a while, even if it still feels mechanical, just go with it. It is working within, changing, and evolving you. It may be out of the field of your awareness but there is still sweet surrender happening. The more you practice the more awareness flows into your life and soon (in perfect divine timing) you will feel the flow.

There is no separation between 'me' and 'my practice.'  I feel that I am in a constant state of sadhana flow. Always flowing in and out of it at times becoming aware that I have just been deeper in it. It is only when we come out of bliss that we know we have been in bliss. 

Once I was playing back a video I had taken in the blossoming park, in the heart of divine nature, and again I was, without being aware of it, humming the mantra. It imbues into us on a cellular and spiritual level. We become as one. It is like the eternal OM constantly, silently chanting itself in the deep background of the vast cosmos.

Rituals unlike habits raise awareness and deepen the connection. Especially if we are new to meditation and spiritual life, set practice times that suit our lifestyle are good and proven ways to establish our practice. When we dedicate ourselves and have set practice routines they give us the sacred space to connect to source and come into calm amidst our busy lives. 

Especially in the West, our practice often comes at the end of everything else–our work, dinner, chores, and a million other things–rather than being a part of everything we do and are. Yet the way of ancient traditions and the eastern cultures still connected to those traditions is one of living sadhana. Becoming it, being it, living it, flowing it through every moment of life as the ultimate aim rather than it being something to do sometimes, compressed into a few short moments only when we have time.

Our sadhana is a way of life, of living in our beautiful, bold, messy, material, crazy, chaotic, world with presence and awareness, in calm and coherence.

Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. So trust the process, take your time, let it organically evolve. As your sadhana flows and grows becoming more expansive and deepening you begin to feel its presence in every aspect of your life and every moment of every day. You carry your peace with you wherever you go. You are your sadhana. I began as we all do with a set time practice yet I have always felt the practice more as a dedicated and constant flow.

Like the breath, it is the force that flows my life. May it always flow your life.

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