Full Moon OM Chanting

Good Vibrations

The full moon intensifies the positive vibration of OM. To optimise this effect, simultaneous OM Chanting circles are held around the world with a shared intention. In this way, the global practice helps transform our planet by uniting local communities and sending out a strong positive vibration to everyone. It also magnifies the healing effect on participants and the environment.

Shared Intention

Since energy is not bound by time or space, the positive vibrations of Full Moon OM Chanting can also be directed, through group intention, toward a variety of causes, including natural disaster areas, conflict zones and suppressed groups. Other shared intentions have included tolerance, world peace and non-violence. 

Whenever possible, Full Moon OM Chanting circles are held at the same time worldwide: 20:00-21:30 h CET.

As the full moon reacts on the water element, it reacts on the body and the mind. OM chanting imprints the cosmic sound of OM, making each cell of your body vibrate this cosmic sound. So automatically, in place of going crazy, you feel good! You feel calm, in a meditative mood.

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

2018 Full Moon Dates

Full Moon Dates Day Intention  
2 January Tuesday  Forgiving yourself and others
31 January Wednesday Forgiving yourself and others
2 March Friday Healing the past
31 March Saturday Healing the past
30 April Monday Unity Through Diversity
29 May Tuesday Transforming fear into Love
28 June Thursday Finding inner calmness and patience
27 July Friday Inner Peace - Peace in the world
26 August Sunday Inner Peace - Peace in the world
25 September  Tuesday Open yourself to tolerance and non-violence
24 October Wednesday Accept yourself the way the Divine has made you
23 November Friday Accept and love yourself and others
22 December Saturday Open yourself to the Union with the Divine

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