Hearing the Higher Harmony


Being a musician, I remember how in the past, when I would practice alone my part in the orchestra, it would sometimes seem boring, strange, difficult or unnecessary. But then, when the day of the first rehearsal of entire orchestra came, when all the instruments played together, suddenly out of the bits and pieces of all these “boring” or “strange” parts, a masterpiece emerged. Suddenly every note made sense. And beautiful music could be heard.

Nothing has changed in my part, so how could such a dramatic change in perception be possible?

The perspective has changed. The context became more clear. Becoming aware of a bigger picture, or higher harmony, suddenly made all the hours of “boring” practice make sense.

Isn’t it very similar in our very own lives? How many times do we ask ourselves, why do we need to do this or that? Why couldn’t life be easier or at least less challenging? Why do you need to go through this or that karma? Why some things seem to not make any sense at all?

For me this is one of the biggest gifts that Atma Kriya Yoga has brought into my life. It puts the entire life into a bigger perspective. It makes you notice subtle life lessons and powerful messages from the Divine even behind seemingly small life situations. Because when you sit every day in your meditation, inhale and exhale consciously, while offering every breath to the Divine, nourishing your inner connection, you start to become more conscious in your daily life, too. You start to observe life not only from your personal, limited perspective, but you start to look at bigger picture more frequently and asking yourself this crucial question: what is my lesson here? What is the bigger picture?

And that is the beauty of Atma Kriya Yoga - and something very hard to put into words, too. Because as long as you look at your life only from the perspective of your own limited part, your own little contribution to the totality of life, without understanding the “higher harmony” behind it, it’s sometimes hard to even imagine how this “higher harmony” may even feel like. It is because of the awareness of this “higher harmony” that people on spiritual path can sometimes smile even in the midst of difficulties, like Paramahamsa Vishwananda frequently says. And it is this bigger perspective, this connection with the Divine, which enlightens our days with more self-awareness, through which it becomes so much easier to go through any life challenges.

So, practice your Atma Kriya Yoga. Remember about God in every breath. Remember that there is a bigger perspective in your life, whenever you feel overwhelmed by your own part in it. And experience the miracle of living unfolding itself in front of you.

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