Full Moon OM Chanting March 2019


Thursday 21 March

Dedicated to

Caring and Protecting Mother Earth, all Animals and Living Beings.

Let us come together from 20:00 – 21:30

This month’s Full Moon OM Chanting is all about caring for Mother Earth and the divine creation around us. A true Kriya yogi knows that God is in everything from the people around them to the ground they stand on and the plants that grow. OM Chanting teaches us to put this divinity inside us as the highest priority by helping us become more aware of it. When we chant OM together as a family, we remind ourselves of this inherent divinity and the Love of the Divine. The Mother is constantly caring for and protecting all Her children. Through OM Chanting, we can give this Love back and do something good for her. Join us as a family to chant OM for the Love of the Mother Earth.

OM Chanting - Atma Kriya Yoga - Full Moon

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