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There is tremendous value in gathering with others who are passionate and committed to their spiritual growth. The global Bhakti Marga family is comprised of practitioners of our sadhana practices on six continents. They gather regularly to share stories, learn from each other, practise together, and dive deeper into the techniques. 

Frequent events are hosted in local communities and at our international centre: Shree Peetha Nilaya near Frankfurt, Germany.   

  • For local events: Check out your country website for courses near you. 
  • Shree Peetha Nilaya: The Centre hosts monthly sadhana courses and numerous special events. Many are offered in multiple languages. Check out the calendar to see a full list. 
Bhakti Marga OM Chanting in Concentration Camps 2018

OM is the universal sound of creation; it is the highest and purest vibration that exists. OM Chanting, a group practice, uses the transformational power of OM to help us to move beyond the tragedies of the past and work together to create a brighter future.

Former concentration and confinement camps have welcomed this project and support this historic event in Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Japan, Belgium, USA and more.

Come lend your voice and help heal the past.

What happened in these places is still happening in the etheric and astral realms, only OM has the power to heal these places. 

Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Upcoming Events

Country Next Date Time  Location Contact Completed Events
Austria 24.02.2018 13:00 Mauthausen austria [at]  10.12.2016  
Belgium 24.02.2018     justine.levitan [at]   
Croatia 19.05.2018   Jasenovac omchanting [at]  
Czech Republic 24.02.2018 13:00 Litomerice omchanting [at]   
  24.02.2018   Detrichov omchanting [at]  
      Terezin   10.12.2016




sabineal [at] 

  24.02.2018 14:00 Neuengamme roshini [at]   10.12.2016 

11:00 14:00 17:00

Buchenwald waltraudhintz [at]   
Japan 24.2.2018


9pm JST

Sarasha, Tokyo

lokamatadasi [at]  
Poland 20.1.2018   Kulmhof  omchanting [at]  
  TBA   Stutthof omchanting [at] 19.11.2017 03.12.2017    
  TBA   Auschwitz omchanting [at] 10.12.2017
  TBA   Gross-Rosen Camp Museum omchanting [at]  
Slovakia 24.2.2018 13:00

Holocaust Museum

omchanting [at] 10.12.2016  
Slovenia 24.02.2018 13:00 Begunje shyamala [at]  
  24.02.2018 16:00 Sveti Urh shyamala [at]  
USA 24.02.2018     hoodq [at]  

All are welcome to attend
All events are free

For more information and details: austria [at]