What does Atma Kriya Yoga mean to you?


What does Atma Kriya Yoga (AKY), mean to you? The key to your soul and a transformational journey - a connection to your true Essence directly connected to the Kriya Masters and Divine Mother? A recognition of the eternal infinite unconditional Love you have within. Or just a simple yoga practice?

Hopefully the former, the latter may have been why you were initiated into AKY and why you practise but if practised regularly, it won’t be ‘just a simple yoga practice’ for long.

Atma Kriya Yoga is a huge blessing given by Paramahamsa Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji, a practice given to the world disguised as a simple compilation of exercises to fast-track the AKY yogis consciously to re-connect to who they are truly. So, it’s an inward journey into the depths of your Self. The end ‘goal’ to make choices and act from that conscious connection to ourselves and to our Source is a full realisation of unconditional Divine Love. However, that ‘goal’ is not the reason to practise AKY, it’s to enjoy the journey for itself. The culmination of the practice is out of our hands – as strange as that might sound. We do our part by cooperating and the Masters do the rest.

AKY is never easy to fully describe in its true form. To say it is just a Yoga practice is almost to trivialise it because it is so much more. Yoga as a whole is great, however, in this instance it cannot fully describe what Atma Kriya Yoga is truly. It has been given so each one can experience and develop a unique personal relationship to something limitless and eternal. Something we usually don’t connect with or experience much, if ever, during our lifetime. Something so abstract for most of us that we often deny its very existence – God. The Source of our being and Essence.

Most often we link God to religion, but the word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin ‘religare’ meaning ‘to re-connect’ and since God is present in everything there is, re-connection cannot be limited to religion only. Atma Kriya Yoga is a direct gift from Masters who have full connection, to all of us who choose to receive it and to practise, so that we can also be transported to that state. I say ‘transported’ because in truth, They are doing it all for us, we just co-operate by practising what was given. The Masters are the ‘doers’ because They gave us the practice and They know exactly where it takes us. They want us to do well – They are all on our side and quite literally by our side every time we activate our Atma Kriya Yoga practice.

The Shakti in AKY is Divine Mother Herself and as a Mother, She also gives freely to Her children. Gives to us what is in fact ours to claim as our right if we truly and sincerely choose it.

So…how does all this ‘wonder’ fit into our daily lives, you may ask? It fits perfectly and effortlessly! All you have to do is regularly practise Atma Kriya Yoga. That’s it! If we put in our effort, the changes that may occur along the way – how we interact within our own personal ‘worlds’ – will feel natural and seamless to us. We are fully protected in our practice and nurtured by these Masters and Divine Mother.

We can choose to go on our Atma Kriya Yoga journey and keep at it or decide it is ‘just a simple yoga practice’ – and even if we choose the latter – what is there to lose?

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