New Year Resolution?


New Year Resolution?

At the start of a new year, most of us feel the need to make a resolution. Something we will improve, attain or change in ourselves and in our daily life. We often fail to accomplish what we set out for ourselves and end up feeling disappointed and often blame ourselves. 

However, paradoxically most of us dislike the idea of being told by another person what to do, to be given something that requires discipline or should become a daily task or practice. We often feel the need to be ‘in control’, ‘in charge’ of our own lives and how we live. To determine what, where and how our days should be.

As a result, in fact, we often waste a huge amount of our time and our energy doing things that take us nowhere. This need to ‘fight tooth and nail’ to hold onto our mindset about ‘freedom’ and ‘free will’, limits instead of expanding those very concepts. Ironically, it makes us vulnerable to our own stubbornness, habits and imprinted experiences even from previous lives. In other words, our samskaras become more and more ingrained.  

These samskaras keep us stagnating and limited to what we think we know about life and ourselves.

To help us advance, release this mindset, and realize the Divine Love already within us, sadhana is given by the Master.

Our sadhana is freely given not imposed. His mercy is so great His Love so unconditional, He gives us the opportunity to blossom, to expand and to surrender to Divine Love – our true Essence. To live our everyday life consciously as an expression of that Essence.

The different sadhana available to us is varied to suit our sense of individuality. Each one an opportunity to express our bhakti and gratitude for His guidance, for this Love He gives us so freely and unconditionally – equally.

There’s no judgment from Him so why does it come from us? How can ‘a guilty conscience’ help us advance on our path? There is no ‘punishment’ from Him, it is all from our own minds. Let’s embrace His guidance and accept our sadhana with joy and enthusiasm. Expressing that bhakti so that it becomes true Love in action, every day, every moment. 

So, instead of rejecting these practices, instead of finding excuses why they should not become part of our daily life, instead of pushing them away because they don’t fit in with our lifestyle or whatever other ‘reason’ our minds can conjure up….embrace these gifts from the most patient, most Loving, most caring being on this plane – our Kriya Yoga Master – Paramahamsa Vishwananda.








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