Unity OM Chanting

Lend your voice to a great cause. Unite with others around the world who seek peace and know the importance of coming together to make peace a reality.

Several times a year, we hold special OM Chanting circles dedicated to unity and world peace. On these occasions, cities around the world will be chanting simultaneously while holding this shared intention.

If you want to make a difference in yourself, your community and on the planet, and you wish to stand as a pillar of light in this world, please join us for this incredible event.

If you don't have OM Chanting in your community and would like to participate in this event, please follow the link below to find an OM Chanting Organiser near you to help light up your city through this shared intention.

Come resonate with OM and add your voice to the circle. Let’s OM together to help humanity.

Find Unity OM Chanting circles


  • 8th March - International Women's Day
  • 16th May - International day of Living together in Peace
  • 10th October - World Mental Health day
  • 10th December - Human Rights day