The Truth About Motivation and Discipline


Motivation is weak. Even the strongest sense of motivation is short-lived. Motivation is that elated feeling you get when you are listening to a particularly inspiring talk. Right? It’s that feeling of yes, I am going to do that. It typically comes with a wave of desire and expectation of what your life will be like once you succeed but we fail to take into account the work required in order to get there.

This all typically happens not because we want to do something, but because we want to be something. We get motivated to become a vegan or do sixteen rounds of Japa not because we want to be vegan or do sixteen rounds of Japa but because we want to be the person who does those things. We want to be the person who puts ethic and compassion over sense gratification. We want to be the person who chooses to give their time to sadhana rather than turning towards the material world. 

If motivation is weak, how do we get there?

Develop Discipline

Discipline is the gold-standard word we all hate to hear. We think of early mornings or late nights or loud alarms or some high-performing life blog telling us all the ways to optimise our hours in the day. But discipline is also what lives when motivation dies.

Motivation does not get you out of bed in the morning to do your yoga and meditation practice. Discipline does. Motivation does not stop you from hitting snooze just one time. Discipline does. Motivation does not stop you from buying that thing you’re pretty sure is vegan but aren't 100% sure. Discipline has you check the label every time.

Developing discipline will allow you to keep pursuing your goal even when the motivation is lacking.

Lose Your Expectations

Expectations are the bain of all good endeavours. Let your expectation for success go. Whether you succeed and attain that goal, is by the grace of God. Your duty is to put your effort in and remain steadfast on the path to your goal. The rest is not up to you.

Put your effort in, be humble, and let God take care of the rest. 

Always Remember Your Why (and make it a good one)

Your why is your motivation. While it won’t work alone, a good why is important to getting anything done. Not all whys are made the same. 

Consider why you want to be the vegan or do your sixteen rounds of Japa everyday. If someone handed you something shinier or more tempting, would your why be strong enough to keep you steady on your path?


Motivation and discipline come hand-in-hand. Motivation without discipline is weak and won’t get you far. Discipline without motivation is narrow-sighted and shallow. Together, they help you become the person you want to be.

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