Transformation Lessons from the fear of Flying


Awareness on the changes that one has to make to one’s life, habits or attitude increases with regular daily practice of Atma Kriya Yoga. When a fully realized and enlightened Master like Paramahamsa Vishwananda is actively present in one’s life, the opportunities and real life experiences for a greater transformation exponentially rise. I would encourage all Kriya yogis who are not yet following a Satguru or Realised Master to do so.

An opportunity for transformation presented itself a few weeks and months ago when, out of the blue, I developed a fear of flying. I never had this fear before and as I had an unusually large number of work related and other trips during this period which could not be avoided, I had to face this fear.

What did I learn over the many flights that I took?

I noticed that during the period of turbulence or air potholes as I call them (yes, roads in Africa have potholes!), during take-off and during landing the intensity of my prayers increased dramatically.  It made me realize that the quality of my sadhana (spiritual practice) and prayers can be far better and more intense. I used the prayers to take my attention away from and distract me from the air bumps. Do I do enough of that in my daily life i.e. focus on Guru and God, or do I give more attention to the turbulence or air bumps in my mind? I kept looking at the time to see when we would reach the final destination. In other words, the awareness of my final destination and journey was heightened. Is my awareness of my goal on earth as heightened? Do I monitor or self-analyze at regular intervals on the transformation program that I have set for myself? These were the questions that came to me.

I looked at the nature of my relationships with all the people close to me and around me – my family, fellow devotees, and friends. How is my relationship with them? How can I love them more and in a customized way with each of them? Do I interact with them when I need something from them or do I interact with them because I love them?

The biggest reminder was about living in the moment and to work on increasing my faith on God and Satguru. Had anything happened to me ? Was I unsafe? Of course not! It made me see how much in theory was my mind surrendered verses the how much it really was surrendered.

The flights were short but how long they seemed in the fear. Life on earth is short or not enough for personal transformation, but how long it seems when we don’t focus on Love. I asked myself do I make the best use of my time on a daily basis and in loving more and more?

My most recent flight after going through the learning and self-analysis over the past few weeks and months, was just a few days ago. It was from Frankfurt to Nairobi via Istanbul on my way back from having a fantabulous time during the Just Love festival, Gurupurnima celebrations and country week at the ashram Shree Peetha Nilaya, home to Paramahamsa Vishwananda. And guess what? During this flight my fear of flying was no more. It went away just as easily as it had come.

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