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If your country is not included in our list, the contacts below will be able to help you.

Questions about individual practices

  • Project Mantra: projectmantra [at]
  • Babaji Surya Namaskar: babajisuryanamaskar [at]
  • OM Chanting: omchanting [at]
  • Simply Meditation: simplymeditation [at]
  • Atma Kriya Yoga: atmakriyayoga [at]

OM Chanting blessing requests

For more information about what is involved to become an OM Chanting Organiser: omchanting [at]

Online form to submit your OMC blessing request:

Teacher Trainers

  • Babaji Surya Namaskar: BSN_TT [at]
  • OM Chanting: OMC_TT [at] 
  • Simply Meditation: SimMed_TT [at]
  • Atma Kriya Yoga: AKY_TT [at]

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sadhana [at]

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Bhakti Marga Sadhana
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