What is Sadhana


Sadhana is our path towards the goal. It is the practice that we do to attain our spiritual purpose. On the Bhakti path we know that it is only through Love, that we attain Love. The path itself is the goal and our sadhana should be all about that, it should be all about Love. Here is also where ‘Bhakti Marga’ comes in, i.e. ‘the path of bhakti’. Bhakti is the expression of true Divine Love. Bhakti is Love in action and it is what happens when we give Love.

True bhakti is pure of any pride or egoistic tendency. It is single pointed towards God. As long the mind is not fully calm and focused on God, strictly speaking we can’t talk about true bhakti. However, while we are on the path towards that pure bhakti, we call it sadhana bhakti. Sadhana bhakti means that we are actively trying to achieve pure bhakti, even though we are not there yet.

For anything to be Divine Love, God has to be present in it. Divine Love is the connection between us and Him. It can’t be our effort alone. He has to be there also. We can stretch out our hands, but it is up to Him whether He wants to grab it or not.

Whatever is done with pure Love is Bhakti, i.e. when we stretch our hands out to Him and call upon Him with pure and sincere Love, then He will come. We may ask ourselves, where is the difficulty in that? It is because of desire and Karma. Throughout our life and the incarnations before, we have accumulated many desires and consequences through which we have told God that we also want other things. Those certain habits, impressions and consequences hold us back.

We do have great Love inside of us, but the mind is also there and is playing its part. A true sadhana is designed to bypass the mind and express this deeper Love. A true sadhana carries God’s grace and gives us a means to connect with Him directly. It strengthens our Love and calms the mind. The more we are able to express our love, the more a true sadhana will allow us to do so, and it will further elevate our love to reach unconditional Divine Love. Constant practice with sincerity, dedication and devotion is key to be successful in sadhana. The biggest importance is on quality practice and we want to support everybody to enjoy BM Sadhana.

The word ‘Sadhana’ means that what brings one to one’s goal. This is one of various meanings of that word. It is always important to know and be aware of one’s goal. Even if we kind of know that it is all about ‘Just Love’, still many don’t have that conviction, that faith and trust in this simple message. We do know it from the mind, but do we have that realization, do we own this wisdom, and can we really say that it is our inner belief? Hopefully many of you can. In the end, our actions show clearly what we believe in, what we are attached to and what our true goal is. Hence, always be aware of why you are practising. Only then it can be part of your life, a part of you. Only then will you want to do it, because it becomes an expression of your inner self.

Until we are there, even though we don’t have this faith, sadhana attunes and brings us there. Our regular practice will slowly open up our true goal, our purpose. That’s why a sadhana is given by a Guru. He knows where we need to go and gives a practice to come there.

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