Why Do OM Chanting on the Full Moon?


OM Chanting is always a unique experience. When we sit together and chant OM for an hour or 45 minutes in a group, and the powerful Divine vibration penetrates every cell of our bodies, it always brings some profound change - sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. But what is so special about Full Moon OM Chanting?

Firstly, let's understand, what is special about the full moon itself.

As a vedic astrologer the full moon is an incredibly powerful and important part in the cycle of time. It represents the mind. Just like with the changing mind, the moon shows us more of its light or dark side depending on the current phase. But only during the full moon can we see the moon's bright side shining in its full light, without any trace of a shadow. This is why for so many spiritual traditions the full moon is considered to be particularly auspicious and able to intensify our spiritual practices. Essentially, it helps make our minds full of light. 

But when the Moon becomes full, our minds also become more active.

Just like the influence of the moon affects the water levels on our planet, it also directly impacts our physical bodies, minds, and energetic bodies. It increases and intensifies everything. For the mind full of negativity, the full moon can make the person more agitated, nervous or impulsive. The opposite is also true for someone with a mind full of positivity. 

When you consciously choose to calm your mind during the full moon, focus on your sadhana and connection with the Divine, intensify your Atma Kriya Yoga practice or do OM Chanting, you will feel more abundant benefits from your spiritual practice. Since ancient times yogis have utilised such special windows in time to go deeper into their spiritual practice and reconnect with God. Some timings simply make it easier for us to meditate.

In His commentary on verse 144 of the Sri Guru Gita, Paramahamsa Vishwananda gives a beautiful explanation about the Full Moon and why do we choose to do OM Chanting during this time:

"...when the moon is full, your body goes through lots of changes, especially the mind; the mental level is very active during that time. As the full moon reacts on the water element, it automatically also has an effect on your body, because sixty-five percent of the body is made up of water. That’s why it is said that during full moon, you should not eat too much, because the water level in your body increases. Like the water of the sea always reaches high tide during full moon, in the body also, during full moon time, even if you eat little, you already feel full. Due to the effect of the moon on the mind, that’s why on full moon days, we say, “Do OM Chanting!” OM Chanting is very good during a full moon. What is happening during OM Chanting at that moment?You are imprinting the cosmic sound in each cell of your body, making it vibrate this cosmic sound. So automatically, instead of going crazy, you feel good! You feel calm, you are in a meditative mood. Therefore, it brings positiveness to you."

But perhaps the most beautiful thing about the Full Moon OM Chanting is that it doesn’t just fill your mind with positive vibrations. It also utilises the intensified energy of the Full Moon and group effort to bring a positive change in the world. Each month OM Chanting groups meet around the world during the Full Moon to chant for Mother Earth and all those areas that need our special care and love. It brings all the Kriya yogis and other spiritual seekers together with the selfless act of chanting OM for the planet. And the selflessness of this act is what makes Full OM Chantings the most beautiful thing.

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