What is Simply Meditation?


Most of us have been told to listen to our heart at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s good advice but most of the time, we are too emotional or caught in the mind to actually follow through with that.  It can be difficult to just decide to listen to our hearts after we've spent so much time fighting with our mind.

Just as we’re told to listen to our hearts, we’re often told to make logical decisions, to think things through. It creates a disconnect, a dissonance in two seemingly contradictory pieces of advice. Humans are not logical beings. We are emotional beings who justify our decisions later with logic. We get caught in the whirlwind of our mind and emotions and struggle to make the right decision or wonder why the ‘right’ decision did not work out well. 

When we learn to actually calm the mind enough to tap into the heart, we’ll find our intuition is always right. A clear and calm mind helps us respond to any situation. In this way, we can see what actions are best and hear the inner guidance to navigate those actions. That sense of inner guidance is none other than intuition. Acting from intuition means being more in touch with what is really motivating from deep within rather than quickly reacting. 

That’s why we have Simply Meditation. It is all about calming the mind and opening the heart so that we can act from that place of intuition and deeper knowledge. One of the six primary practices of Bhakti Marga Sadhana, Simply Meditation is exactly what it sounds like. It takes the vast philosophy and practices of the Kriya Yoga system and boils it down into simple and easy techniques with profound benefit. 

Simply Meditation helps us create a bridge between our heart and our minds. When we have this bridge,  we are able to see more clearly and objectively. We can respond to our circumstances rather than reacting to them. With a calm mind, we can make our decisions from a place of service and benefit to all rather than from a place of selfish subjectivity. 

Simply Meditation is incredibly simple and equally powerful. 

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