What Does it Mean to Live Bhakti?


Who do I want to be when I stand up from my meditation mat? 

Who do you want to be when you stand up from your meditation mat?

Am I still an Atma Kriya Yogi? Are you?

I remember the first time I heard the story of Sabari - a saint and devotee of Ram. As a child, her guru had told her that she would receive Lord Ram in her home one day. She spent the rest of her life living each day as if that was the day she would greet Ram. She cleaned her home because maybe Ram would arrive that day and cooked each meal because maybe that would be the meal she served Him. She treated each person with kindness and compassion because she never knew which form Ram would arrive in. In short, she lived bhakti. 

Finally, seventy years after being told Ram would grace her with His presence, He did arrive. He arrived to greet a little old lady with just two teeth and who and took a bite of each fruit before offering them to Ram to ensure He only received the sweetest fruit.

Sabari lived bhakti. She lived her love-relationship with God. She offered perfect service unto Him. But sometimes, when I meditate upon her, I wonder if she ever got lazy and only cleaned the house a little? Did she ever get short-tempered and grumpy with someone? Did she rush through her prayers at night sometimes because she was tired? In other words, was she ever like me?

At the same time, I realise Sabari is the kind of Atma Kriya Yogi I want to be. She carried her bhakti, her relationship with God throughout her entire day. She turned each action into service to God. Is this not what an Atma Kriya yogi does?


In just a few short weeks, we’ll be launching an old journey in a brand-new way. In the Living Bhakti retreat, we will turn to our sadhana and our community so that we can become Atma Kriya yogis, not just on our meditation mats but in our daily lives as well. 

Each week will be dedicated to one of the nine bhaktis, it’s Atma Kriya Yoga technique, and how it applies to your sadhana, your spiritual path, and everyday life. 

Saturday evening gatherings will focus on developing knowledge, practical tools and skills, and having a short, guided experience of the bhakti. Each Saturday will end with creating an intention for the week.

Tuesday evenings we will share a ‘sadhana lounge.’ Think of it as a time be together, discuss how your practice is going, and maybe share a group practice.  


You can register and find more information here. 

We would love to have you join us. Will you?


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