Trust Your Path


Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is get out of our own way and do something for others. Recently, I had a really amazing conversation with a friend of mine. At the time, I noticed he seemed a bit ‘off'. I asked how things were going and he told me ‘I'm going to help a friend move into their house. It’s been a while since I did something like that.’

He is shy and finds it hard to do things like that, but he likes to do it. He likes to help out. I encouraged him to make himself more available to help others. That way, it makes it easier in the future because people will know they can come to him for assistance. That way he gets to do what he likes, be of service and break down that shyness that gets in his way. Even after this conversation, he still seemed ‘off’, anxious or nervous maybe. 

He mentioned how his life is changing drastically and that he is entering a new stage of life. I felt like I could help console him a bit and calm his mind. I wanted to support him somehow, and that maybe I could help him understand where all our anxiety comes from so that he could contemplate for himself what was holding him back. We talked about anxiety coming from a lack of clarity, always looking into an uncertain future. We constantly ask ourselves “what if, what then…’ and get carried away in all the things we do not know. We get so anxious about what lies ahead of ourselves that we actually are lost to the present and cannot enjoy what we are going through now. We become somewhat ineffective in our present moment, as part of us is elsewhere. Part of us is living in a false time, thinking about things that may not even happen. 


With this global pandemic, it's obvious that there are so many that are stressed and anxious about the future and what it may hold. “Where is the next paycheck, what am I to do?” “When will I get to travel to see my family again?” “I am so isolated and lonely, when can I finally spend time with my friends?” So many things are uncertain and our mind wanders into those messy thoughts and sees only instability. We then feel tired, worn out, and we lose our feeling of purpose and groundedness. Our spiritual path takes a back seat and we cannot prioritise properly. So what then?

And he said, “Well, yes, but it’s really because people do not have their eyes set on the right place”, as he pointed with his umbrella to the sky. 

In a private conversation with Paramahamsa Vishwananda, He told me that during the peak of this pandemic, many will want to commit suicide. 

I asked "Why is that? Is it because of all the financial stress?" 

And he said, “Well, yes, but it’s really because people do not have their eyes set on the right place”, as he pointed with his umbrella to the sky. 

Having your eyes set on God is what gives stability and clarity. It is our purpose--our soul's purpose is to love and serve God. This is our identity, our eternal nature. It’s one of the few eternal and permanent things. However, our mind gets caught up in so many other things that we lose sight of the truths of our path. Our energy gets split in so many directions that we feel lost, stressed, unclear, and however else.

When I told this to my friend about what Guruji said, and about my experience in my path about recognising this difficult truth, I could see that it landed within him. I believe something clicked within and helped him shine a light on his issue. Being able to share that moment with my friend helped remind me of my own path and to have trust and clarity on why I am here, and why I am doing what I am doing.


Having that focus on God and on our path helps us be more present and enjoy even the small things, and even have more appreciation for difficulties. We become less worried and more trusting in Him and His plan. We are more grounded because our identity shifts away from the changing nature of the world which is full of uncertainty. Instead, it is placed upon our eternal and unchanging nature, our imperishable identity, and the most amazing, beautiful, and blissful thing offered to us–Love of God. This beauty, trust, love, and joy transcends all the anxiety of the world. We know our purpose and identity. We become motivated out of this love, and we want to share it with others. It is then when we feel fulfilled, and regardless of where life takes us, we stop worrying and start living a life of love.

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