Spiritual People


What makes a spiritual person?

When looking at the dictionary definition of spirituality, it says something along the lines of this:

“the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul, instead of material and physical things”.

This is what sadhana is all about! It is bringing the awareness of the soul, the spirit, that higher consciousness into everything we are doing. That spirit itself is Love. It’s Satchitananda: Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss. Sadhana helps to awaken our attention to that which lies beyond this material world. In time and through practice, we attune ourselves to this Love which lies inside of our hearts. It is in practice which can change us, and bring more love into the world. As we fix our minds on love, we become more loving. As we become more loving, our love can grow, spread, and be shared. This love is contagious!

It is often said that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves. But why should we change the world? What is it about the world that we should change? What is the root cause of all the suffering of this world?

The root of suffering is the identification with the material world. Yes, we have bodies, yes, we have minds, yes we live in this world and we are made up of this material reality. But we do not only have this material quality. We have both matter and spiritual matter which make us who we are. It is the unawareness of our spiritual reality which causes suffering.

We typically only identify ourselves with the material, temporary things. Change and temporary happiness are therefore normally all we know. But as we have worked through lifetimes to evolve, we have now the opportunity to pursue a spiritual path. We can finally dive deep into who we really are and get to know that which lies beyond. We gain access to finding out our real purpose of existence. This existence is about our infinite potential to Love unconditionally. This is our highest purpose. If we want to change the world, we should endeavor to realize this ultimate experience. We should begin to radiate this kind of love and live in this state of fulfillment and joy. Because all we really want in life is love, and unconditional love is the highest experience of love, and that experience is addictive! So let’s aim to spread the addiction of love to the whole world! This aim to go beyond just ourselves is what makes a spiritual person. Let’s become truly spiritual!

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