The Pursuit of Love and Righteousness


              When we love the things we do, difficult things become easier. When we love our entire earth and ourselves, our awareness makes us act responsibly. Every thought and action is important as they reciprocate accordingly.

               I was more of a humanitarian & mother nature enthusiast by belief, but my actions were not fine-tuned according my own philosophies. However, I am proud to say that my love for life, nature and humanity brought me to the spiritual path allowing me to meet my guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Gurudev taught me that I should start by loving myself and polishing my own self through sadhana before trying to change the world. As we are purified in body, mind and soul, we become stronger, and our actions become harmonized with the will of nature, which is part of God.

              After two years of practicing Atma Kriya Yoga, I started becoming aware of my breath throughout the day, which gave me the awareness of my actions and thought forms. This also made me more aware of the human ignorance around me which made me angrier instead. Is it ok if the planet hurts, but we continue to profit? Where is the love? Where is the righteousness?

              Back in 2014, I was a junior doctor posted at a district hospital where there were no specialist doctors available. Hence, most major cases would be stabilized and send out to a tertiary hospital one hour away. I was on call one night when I received a call from the Labour room. The nurses informed me of a pregnant mother in labor and the possible complications, as mother had a history of failing to push during a previous delivery. I examined the mother and immediately arranged for an ambulance transfer to another hospital where forceps delivery or an emergency caesarean section could be performed in case of complications. However, due to delays, the mother started to go into active labor and baby’s head was already visible. I made the decision to stay put at our district hospital as delivering a baby in an ambulance would be very difficult.

              As expected, mother became exhausted quickly and could not push the baby out. I quickly used a special pressure technique which was taught to me by an experienced nurse in my previous hospital. There was so much tension and cries in the air and finally the baby was delivered followed by an eerie silence. The baby was not crying. I changed my bloodstained gloves from attending the mother and rushed to the baby. I started drying up the baby, performed suctions and tried various ways to stimulate the baby to cry. Time was passing, but baby was still not crying and was still blue. I did not give up went straight to the next step of giving positive pressure ventilations for the baby but still no cries. The baby had not started breathing yet. This could affect the baby’s brain and mental development due to lack of oxygen. I quickly made the decision to do CPR on the baby and prepared to intubate. By God’s grace the baby started crying after two cycles of CPR. All this action to save the baby happened so quickly. It could not have been more than five minutes.

I was doing my Japa Kriya throughout this emergency. After saving both mother and child, I felt the love in my heart expanding giving strong sensation over my Heart-Chakra and 3rd eye. In no time, pride of self-accomplishment kicked in and this love sensation slowly faded away. 

Once again, an ambulance was prepared to transfer the baby for further examination and managed by a Neonatologist. To my surprise, the conclusive documentation was not accurate. The emergency status was downplayed to avoid further complications in our documentations. After some arguments, I realized that it was done for statistical reasons and to hide our unequipped hospital and inefficient actions. Why do people take short cuts to reduce their duty on the stake of another? Accurate documentations would have alerted other caretakers and possibly changed management in the next hospital.

              Back at home I complained to my parents, and finally settled down to contemplate and do my Atma Kriya Yoga. To my surprise my anger transformed quickly. I realized that nothing was in my hands and that I should only continue going deeper into myself correcting my own actions and thoughts. I should continue improving myself to be better prepared and to remove my own ignorance with knowledge and love. I felt so much Love during that Atma Kriya Yoga session that I teared up and my whole body was vibrating as if in flames-Fire of Love!

When we purify ourselves, we become stronger and remain unaffected by the negativity around us. This allows us to act righteously, unaffected by emotions. Coincidentally, after my meditation, I came across a beautiful poster of a toddler meditating.  It said, “If every 5-year-old child were to be taught how to meditate and focus on Love, the world will transform by the next generation.” Love changes everything, love makes us act righteously.

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