Pandora's Box


Having read all the previous blog posts, it felt so amazing to read all the words everyone wrote sharing their feelings and thoughts and especially hoping to inspire. I am sure I can speak for all of us who contribute to this blog, that we sincerely hope our posts have inspired to guide you to all the sadhana available – be it Atma Kriya Yoga, Simply Meditation, Babaji’s Surya Namaskar or Project Mantra. Whichever practice is felt can enhance yourself and your daily life.

The fact is though, that no matter how we express the benefits of sadhana (spiritual practice), no matter how many words we write, at the end of the day it’s up to each one of you to step over the threshold.

That first step may be a huge one for some – a journey into the unknown of the inner self. That can be very scary because most often we don’t know what we’ll find when we open our own ‘Pandora’s box’. The idea we might find things in it about ourselves that we dislike or disapprove of is frequently a very scary and off-putting prospect. We often prefer to leave that lid firmly shut! We promise ourselves that on some undefined future occasion we’ll open and peek into that box – just not now… We find a variety of excuses to justify our decision – ranging from ‘it’s not a good idea because I tripped over the cat today’, to genuinely more serious concerns. We’ve all done it at some point, including me – many years ago.

You see, I can’t guarantee a bed of roses for anyone, I can only say that I have never for one moment regretted opening my personal ‘Pandora’s box’ even having to face what it contained. Stuff I realised I was desperately trying to hide especially from my own self.

After the initial jolt to my ego, I also realised nothing was as bad or as dramatic as I had imagined and more importantly, that I wasn’t alone in my challenges. Also, after some soul searching, I realised that what I needed was a spiritual practice that would support my personal journey. So, I took the first steps to find a spiritual practice that suited me at that stage in my life.

Through regular sadhana (I chose meditation to start with), overtime my lifestyle changed. Sometimes, the resulting changes were what ‘pre-opening box’ me would have labeled inconvenient. Changes like being more disciplined, more aware of my habits and patterns of behaviour, listening to people rather than being quickest to prove a point. Living in the present without condemning the past and so on – you get the picture. So, it’s true to say that commitment to change yourself is needed – and it’s also true to say once you’re on that path there’s no way back because once it gets into gear that spiritual practice and those resulting changes become a natural part of you. In truth, you come to realise how resilient and strong we all are given the opportunity to allow ourselves to express that without pride or making it into a crusade either.

Someone very dear and special in my life said the other day that in life we need to walk in our own ‘shoes’ because sharing ‘shoes’ or wearing someone else’s ‘shoes’ brings no fulfilment, no joy. A simple analogy and very true. Many of us constantly try to fulfil the expectations of others for most of our lives and forget to follow what we know is more in harmony with ourselves. Knowing yourself a bit better and having the clarity to make more conscious choices can happen through a regular spiritual practice that develops and supports that awareness.

Whatever your point of view or personal experience, I can say that in mine, regular spiritual practice has uplifted not only myself but also those around me through the positive effect they notice in me. Consequently, they find there’s real benefit to our interactions and makes daily living better. There’s no doubt we have all benefited directly and indirectly from my sadhana over the years.

So, I recommend – open your own ‘box’ today! Don’t wait for another time. It’s worth it! You are worth it!

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