Our Sadhana Leads us to the Best Version of Ourselves


Many of us go through life with the view of ourselves, that I am like this or I am like that... 

Often I find myself thinking things like 'I am not a jealous person.' But through regular sadhana I find that it reveals things about myself that I never knew. Trust me, this is very scary. Facing one's deepest and darkest fears and truths about oneself is not easy. For me actually, it was the scariest thing. The ego always gives us the impression that everything about ourselves is good and positive, therefore I must be a good person. In our sadhana we move away from the ego and this is how it is revealed to us, that we are not what we think we are. 

Recently I asked myself, 'if have two percent of jealousy or eighty percent of jealousy, it is still jealousy nonetheless, right?".

Sadhana brings us to a point of introspection, so that we can take a deep, hard look at ourselves and see who we really are, rather than this outside impression that we give to the world. This introspection allows us to work on the not so good aspects of ourselves and change them into positive ones.

When the Divine sees that we are making some effort to change ourselves, He helps us to be the best version of ourselves.

The world is such a competitive place, but we are not in competition with anyone or anything. We just need to work on bettering ourselves and being the best version of ourselves. This is made possible with our daily sadhana.

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