OM Chanting: A Solution to Conflict


     People often look for spiritual solutions to many problems and world conflicts. How can something like OM Chanting fix conflicts? Firstly, what are conflicts? Conflicts are disputes, disagreements that stem from disconnection. They arise from dualistic thinking like Us vs Them, mine and theirs, right and wrong. These all are divisive concepts. So this division is really about the perception of separation from one another. This perception of separation can be seen as a major cause of conflict. We limit and define ourselves by our identities, customs, traditions, differences, beliefs, personalities, accomplishments, etc. This is a normal, worldwide human condition. 

     How can we fix this? What can we do to avoid or even cure conflict? In order to eliminate conflict, we need to dissolve this distance, to truly connect. We need to find strength in unity. To do this we must find common purpose, solutions, and the higher good which benefits all. But where does this start? It first starts with acceptance of differences, and by not forcing one’s will on another. However, there is an incredible tool that dissolves distance by realising a common identity, a unity which pervades everything.

     OM bridges across all divisions. OM is the divine in the form of vibration. It is the seed sound of creation and this sound permeates all of creation. It is a link, the thread which connects all things – the source of all. Within OM holds all of creation, and all of creation holds OM. OM is the divine will in action and is perfectly balanced and harmonized. However, we are in maya (the layers of illusion and our perceived separation from the divine). Due to this, we fail to see that connection, that source. There is a way to find that connection, to align and attune to OM and realise the connection between all things.

     OM Chanting does this. OM Chanting attunes us to OM, to this divine aspect which pervades everything. OMC enables us to look beyond this outside form and personality.  It is a practice about moving beyond the material world with conditional love, towards our spiritual nature practicing unconditional love. Fundamentally, OM Chanting is a lifestyle choice of journeying to realise and respect our identity as a Soul.

     Within it, OM Chanting has the essence of service to the divine – Padaseva Bhakti. OM Chanting serves the divine within others. It does so by coming together to chant, which assists one another to discover our common divine identity and origin. In this way, together, we attune to the divine nature within ourselves and in others and realise our unity. As we see this connection, we surely drop away from egoism and divisiveness. As we attune to the divine, our ability to discriminate, disconnect, and justify conflict cannot be maintained. We move beyond dualities and the foundation for conflicts.

     Ultimately, OM Chanting attunes us to OM, the divine in the form of sound. In doing so, we move beyond the material and align with the spiritual, the soul, and the divine within the soul. As we do this, our divisiveness, ego, greed, and individual will dissolves and we act in accordance with Divine Love, the divine will, higher consciousness, and see the pervasiveness of the Divine. In this state, only Love pervades, and Love is far beyond conflict.

     Join OMC near you! Let us all share in this great service, to endeavor to resolve conflict, and to realise the divine and unconditional love within each of us!

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