OM Chanting, Love, and Attachments



‘When the Atma loves, it’s not the outer gender that counts. Love is beyond gender! When people are in the mind and hang onto gender, there is much judgement. But when one transcends this and sees deeply inside one’s core, one sees that the heart knows no difference. You can love and this love is what matters.’

-Paramahamsa Vishwananda


It was International Day of Transgender Visibility on 31 March. Several groups around the world participated on this day and the days after with the following intention:

‘Our intention is to see that Love exists beyond the framework of gender expression and identity. The nature of the soul is Love. There is only Love and Love can not discriminate, it can only Love. When we understand this, we realize that Love is beyond all gender or other material identity. Our wish is to make people aware that Love is the way for everyone, including LGBT people. Despite many injustices from society and religious groups, God has not forgotten and loves us all equally.’

In the days leading up to this particular OM Chanting, I found myself reflecting on attachments. Attachments to identity, to gender, to concepts of right and wrong. We hold onto these things as if they make up who we truly are. When in reality, all they are doing is hiding us from ourselves.

That’s the thing about attachments. They disguise themselves as rational. Our minds will go through great lengths to convince us of this. They disguise themselves so well, that we often do not recognise our attachments for what they are. Take gender for example. We attach ourselves to our gender identities. Understanding our place in the world, our relationships, and our interactions through a gendered lens. We attach ourselves to moral notions of right and wrong, often in relation to our gender. Subsequently, we attach ourselves to communities which act as reflections of our own values and identities. And communities are defined as much by who is on the outside as who is allowed in. What messy things attachments are.

With these thoughts circling in my head in the days and hours leading up to this particular OM Chanting, I came to reflect on the beauty and grace that OM Chanting provides us.

This OM Chanting served as a reminder that Love is patient. Love is kind. Love does not anger. Love does not harm. Love does not discriminate. Love can only Love. It is a practice open to us all, regardless of our attachments to identity and self and community. In the most gentle and compassionate way, it supports us in relinquishing these attachments and identities. It reminds us that God’s Love is open and available to us all, bringing us closer to our true nature which is Love.

When you go to OM Chanting next, seek God out in every person around you, including yourself. Seek beyond their material identities and your own. Try to see the Divine seated within each and every person present.


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