Nourishing Inner Light


“God is a fire that warms and kindles the heart.” (Saint Seraphim of Sarov)

Christmas time. For majority of people it is just about shopping, presents and tons of food. In our “civilised” world most of us have forgotten about the true meaning of Christmas: celebrating the Divinity within us.

Not without a reason the date of Christmas or symbolic birth of Christ was originally established during the time of winter solstice. During winter solstice, when the day is the shortest and we receive the smallest amount of light from the sun, we celebrate the birth of Divine consciousness, rebirth of light within us, to remind ourselves, that no matter how dark the night of the external experience may seem, nothing can diminish our inner light - because, as Sri Krishna said in the Gita, “it is not born, nor does it die, nor is it a thing that comes into being once and passing away will never come into being again. It is unborn, ancient and everlasting.”

The dark sky and the symbolic star of Bethlehem, are both within us. In each and every life situation, we can choose to see one or the other. And if we choose to focus on the symbolic “star” or the light of our consciousness, it leads us to rediscovery of the Divinity within us or rebirth of Cosmic Consciousness.

Yet, such rebirth can happen only in the heart, which is pure, humble and innocent - which is symbolised by Mother Mary. Guruji said so beautifully on Christmas 2014:

“Christ was born in a manger. This is very symbolic. Divine Mother represents the heart of men which is longing for God, which conceived God. What can conceive God apart from your heart? Your mind can't conceive God! Your mind can't comprehend, can't understand even a fraction of Him. But when you enter the chamber of your spiritual heart, here you can perceive the Divine, you can feel Him. This is the revelation. Christ is this new revelation inside of you, the revelation of all your goodness, the revelation of God, not outside, but God within you. This is when He is born. You don't perceive Him outside, you perceive Him inside of you in your heart.”

And yet, how often do we remind ourselves about the Divine light within us?

Think about Mother Mary for a moment. When a mother is pregnant, she would start to take care of herself more. Not for her own sake, but for the sake of the new soul embodied within her womb. She would change many of her habits. She would not be interested anymore in eating the things, which she likes. She would crave for food, which is beneficial for her unborn baby. She would take better care of her body, and better care of her mind as well, as she wouldn’t like her baby to be affected by her negative emotions, stress or anger. She would also consciously avoid places that may cause her any danger, fatigue or lower her vibrations in any other way. This is also why so many women during their pregnancy suddenly decide to do yoga or practice meditation. Their priorities change.

And just imagine, how would it be, if we start to care for ourselves and the Divinity within our hearts, just like the mother does?

After all, the heart of each of us is “pregnant” with the Spirit. There is Higher Consciousness dwelling in the very core of our souls, just waiting for us to hear its silent whisper. Just for a moment, just as an experiment, think of yourself as a mother, and of your Higher Consciousness as a baby, which you carry within your heart and need to take care of. How would your perception change? Would you react differently in certain situations? Would you try to be more calm, loving, forgiving and kind? Would you listen more to your intuition? Would you make different choices?

This is what I love the most about Atma Kriya Yoga - this feeling of being connected to something greater within you. This intimate connection with your soul. This feeling that I am something more than just my limited mind or my limited body. The feeling of being connected to the Divinity within me. And when you truly feel it, everything changes: the choices that you make, the emotions that you allow to manifest, the reactions that you chose.

For me, that is the real Christmas. Celebration of something more within us and a reminder, that every day is a good day to train ourselves in being more kind, loving, forgiving and compassionate. Because…

“Just like the sun has its light, through which it illumines the whole world, similarly the soul has its own light of consciousness – that’s Love.” (Paramahamsa Vishwananda)

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