The Lifestyle of Identity


Atma Kriya Yoga (AKY) is an identity. It is about having dedication to get to know myself and get in touch with who I really am. AKY is about realising the deepest essence of who I am – looking past my accomplishments, my history, and my likes and dislikes. Getting to know myself means to identify more as a soul. According to the Masters, the soul's identity is a pure relationship with God. Identifying as a soul means to realise more and more the nature of the soul which is to live a life of love and service to God.  

So Atma Kriya Yoga becomes a lifestyle. It's about living a life dedicated to bringing unconditional love into every action and to identify as a person seeking and working towards Love. AKY is about perceiving this value in all things. The Masters talk both simply and at great lengths about how this state of being changes the reality we live in; because in this state, we look beyond good and bad, beyond anger and disagreement, beyond pain and pleasure. It's about becoming fully fixated upon Love.

The Masters describe that within this unconditional Divine Love lies a deep bliss and contentment – a permanent fulfillment. There is no void needing to be filled, because actually, it is full of relationship – a relationship with everything.

Bhakti Marga has its main three words as 'Love, Patience and Unity'. By practicing AKY, we identify more as a soul over time. This is where patience comes in. It's about dedication. 'Love' implies our dedication to God, because that deep love is between us and God. It is in this relationship where perfect Love can take place. We are only then able to bring this Love everywhere we go. And 'Unity' here means to be able to see God in all things, and to act with that full awareness of Him and His Love in each thing.

I notice that as I practice this, I live more and more aligned with this reality of divinity. The Masters promise that by following through with this method, we may realise ourselves and our Divine relationship with God and His presence in everything.

Atma Kriya Yoga is in this way an identity and lifestyle that we can work towards and incorporate into our lives. For myself, I see these steps carefully playing out over time. I can trust this process because I have had tastes of experience, of growing love. It does take a bit of faith to start and to stay open and willing to experiment. In this openness is where I have felt my heart open the most and I feel it is orchestrated this way. And sure, it has taken time, but this careful allowing for the deepening of love to happen has shown incredible results and so I can only trust to go deeper and deeper into the practice still. I see my inner reality and identity changing as I endeavor to become the kind of yogi that Atma Kriya Yoga works towards.

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