Japa Kriya and Positive Focus


There is something about chanting of the Divine Names that gives me the feeling that everything is going to be okay and that everything is exactly how it needs to be.

As human beings our brains need constant stimulus. We are always searching for something to give our attention to and are easily distracted by the next shiny object that comes our way. Where we give our attention to greatly defines how we view and relate to ourselves and the world around us. and our focus needs to always be on the positive. If we choose to focus on positivity then we attract this and we will be positive, but if we focus on the negativity then this is what we will attract and we will be negative. 

Often I find myself deep in thought and I drift away into those thoughts. I'm present in my body but I am a million miles away in thought. This has kept me from focusing on tasks that need my attention. It was common for me to start a task but procrastinate or get distracted and my tasks would be left incomplete.

By doing Japa Kriya daily, I have better focus. I find it easier to complete tasks. Japa Kriya fill me with the Love of the Divine Name which keeps me focused on the positives in life rather than the negatives. When you are full of this Love from chanting the Divine Names, how can there be room for anything else?

'The glory of Love makes us active as well as receptive, actually it can't be one without the other, Love makes us whole, Love makes everything holy.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

The power of the Lord and the Lord Himself is hidden in His name. Let your heart open. Be the lover longing for the Beloved one. Long so intensely as you chant that Divine Names that He can't resist your call for His attention and Love and comes running.

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