It Has Only Ever Been About Love


When it comes to practising our sadhana, we have all heard the statement, ‘quality is better than quantity.’

Now, the question is, okay, how? What does quality look like in action? How do I get there?

These are questions we’ve all asked at some point or another. Maybe you’ve asked them many times. So let’s explore this. Here are three ways you can support your sadhana and enhance your sadhana practice.

Prioritize Your Sadhana

Paramahamsa Vishwananda tells us over and over again the importance of having a sadhana practice. What is the point of having a practice if we’re not actively engaging with it and practising? If we really viewed our practice as important, we’d make it as vital to our day as brushing our teeth or eating dinner or drinking water.

If it is important, then your day shouldn’t feel complete until you’ve sat for your sadhana. Carve out time for it. However long you need, twenty minutes, an hour. Whatever you decide, give yourself that time and little more just in case. Be disciplined in this.

Have Discipline

Okay, you’ve made it a priority. Maybe you wake up, brush your teeth, and sit down. You’ve set aside twenty minutes to practice. Be true to it and utilize that time all the way. Turn off your phone and close the door. These are your twenty minutes with the Divine.

Discipline is about making sure it stays a priority. Make sure you find the time for it each and every day. Sometimes that can be the hardest part. Maybe you’re traveling that day. Maybe you’ve been going non-stop and feel like you’re sleeping on your feet. These are the times it is important to stay disciplined and choose to find those few minutes to practice anyway--even if it’s just two or three minutes.

While it’s ideal, your practice does not have to be the same every day for the same amount of time. What is important is that your practice and you practice with love.

Enjoy Your Practice

This is probably the most important lesson of all. We’ve learned the importance of prioritizing and being disciplined in our practice. Now, it’s time to enjoy it.

This is all about how you choose to think about your practice before you start, your relationship to it once you start, and how you feel about it when you stop.

What do you say to yourself before you start your Kriya practice? Do you say, ‘Oh, I have to go start my Kriyas now?’ Is it a ‘must-do’ item that you check off your to-do list? Or do you say, ‘This is my time where I can just be with my Beloved?’ Does it become a date you look forward to with God?

How you think about your practice before going into it will directly influence your relationship with your practice. If you view it as an item on your to-do list, you’ll miss out on the sweetness. If you go into it grateful for the time you have to be with God, then there is no end to the sweetness of your practice.

As you sit in your practice, do you find yourself getting into a fight with your mind? Maybe you are not as focused as you want to be. Maybe thoughts keep getting in the way. Do you fight them or do you let them slide right through and keep on practising? There is no sense in fighting your own mind. Fighting it reinforces the expectation that your mind should be a certain way rather than exactly how it is. When we accept the thoughts that come through and let them go, our practice will be much more enjoyable.

At the end of your practice, take the time to sit just a moment longer. Savour the time you’ve had. Thank God for giving you this blessing. Ask yourself how you can carry this with you throughout the day.

Just love and enjoy your practice. It is really that simple.

When people talk about having a quality practice, they’re talking about loving your practice. Love the parts of it. Love the whole of it. Just love it. When you love something, you’re also committed and dedicated to it. It is just as important to your day as brushing your teeth. Your time becomes a gift you are happy to give it.

When you sit for your Kriyas next, take a deep breath. Let this be your next beginning. Commit yourself to this practice. Make it a priority and be disciplined. Remember that your practice is and will be exactly as it is meant to be. Most importantly, love your practice.

It has only ever been about love.

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