The Intimacy of the Divine Relationship


'The Divine responds to us not collectively but individually, so that each person’s experience of the Divine is different because each and every being is a ray of the Divine and is thus directly and intimately related to the Godhead. The union with the lover, which is the highest form of worldly pleasure is experienced by each person differently. In the same way, each person will have their own way of approaching and relating to God.'

--Pandit Ram Sivan (Srirama Ramanuja Achari)


If you put a thousand people in the same room and asked them, 'how do you experience God?' it is certain that you would receive a thousand different answers. Each will have their own experience, way of knowing and relating to God, their own experience of faith, love, and trust.

This diversity in the relationship is one of the most beautiful things about the spiritual path. It shows us that God's Love for us is not mass-produced and mechanical. Instead, the union between the lover and the Beloved is uniquely intimate with each and every soul. This remains true regardless of whether or not people have the same practice and belief systems.

Even if the outside action is the same, the internal relationship belongs solely between the individual and God. 

How do we have a relationship with God other than through an act of prayer? What is prayer other than your heart and soul yearning, seeking, and re-connecting with its source in the Divine? 


As we pray more, as we practice sadhana more, we become more and more like our Beloved. We start to lose our ego-selves in His Grace and Love. We start to radiate with His Love. We are being stripped away, piece by piece until all that remains is Love. 

To be clear, sadhana is not about changing you. It's about becoming you. It removes everything that is not you; stripping away everything that does not serve you. When this is done, what is left is only you. You in the purest, most divine and loving sense of the word. 

Have faith in your sadhana. Practice it with love and devotion. Take your strength from it. Know that regardless of what comes your way, it is God guiding you all the way to Him.

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