Hello, Potato King


Hello, vegan friends and soon to be vegan friends! On this beautiful vegan Thursday, I would like to share with you something really special. Sometimes it feels hard to make a fancy meal when you are vegan (which is not true at all). I grew up with the idea that a fancy meal includes nice meat as ‘the star of the dish’ and side dishes next to it.  But in time it turned out to be that it is only about perception. 

It is about love, effort and thought that you put in what counts. And that is all that it matters at the end of the day.

I have always seriously loved eating potato meals. No joke. Any type that can come to your mind. Baked, roasted, fried, boiled, you name it. My favourite choice of meal, especially when I have guests or feel like taking extra time to cook, has become potatoes in the oven. 

The name doesn’t give the right attention or appeal to it. But I can promise you that you won’t regret it. It is just amazing when you serve it with rice and salad next to it. I’m craving it as I write this.

The other thing about vegan meals is that we try too hard to make a vegan replica of a meat dish sometimes which is very limiting and typically not cheap or affordable. Vegetables are so rich in flavour that we don’t need to adapt them for the sake of reminding us of meat. We can just discover their own unique beauty which is exactly with potatoes in the oven does.

I am asking this time from all of you to take a moment to think about the best vegan dish that shows the vegetable at their very best. Let’s put some effort into thinking more creatively instead of adapting or replicating. Once you’ve created your underrated vegan masterpiece, share it in your Instagram story or feed with #bmsadhanaveganlove so we can see it. Because let’s be honest, vegetables can rule the world!

Potatoes in the Oven


* 6 medium potatoes

* Olive oil

* Margarin  

* Salt

* 2 onion

* 1 red paprika

* 2 carrots 

* 4 tbsp of corn (optional) 

* Tomato paste

* Black pepper

* Cumin

* Sugar


  1. Cut potatoes in cubes and spread them on an oven tray
  2. Spread a little bit of olive oil and salt over the potatoes
  3. Cook them in the oven at 250C while you prep the other ingredients
  4. Cut 2 onions, 1 red paprika, 2 carrots into cubes
  5. Put 2 tbsp olive oil into a deep pot and 1 tbsp margarine
  6. When the oil is heated add onions. Cook it until it changes color
  7. Add the paprika and the carrots
  8. Add 4 tbsp of corn (optional) and cook it
  9. Add 3 tbsp of tomato paste and the rest of the seasonings
  10. Mix it nicely and cook it over medium heat
  11. When it is done add a glass of hot water (It needs to be a bit watery)
  12. Take the pot away from heat 
  13. Move the grilled potatoes into a glass oven tray and pour the sauce on it and mix it
  14. Cook in 200C oven for 10-15 minutes


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