Full Moon OM Chanting - October, 2020


1 October 2020 

October's Full Moon OM Chanting is dedicated to:

Protecting the animals and Mother Earth

‘Whether we are serving: a deity, or the people or the animals, it is only Narayana,
no one else, as He is the soul essence in all.’

-Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Just as humans have polluted the earth, air, water, forests, rivers and oceans, we also have the power to purify everything. We can be a part of the change and
solution. How do we do that?

Firstly, OM Chanting helps us purify ourselves and our
surroundings. It helps us become aware of our connection to all things. Eventually, we can shift our lifestyles to align with the purpose of OM Chanting by becoming vegan and taking actions that support the solution rather than the problem. OM Chanting will give us the inspiration and strength to do this as well. Let us come together on this full moon and contribute to that cause. Chant OM with the intention that all humans act to protect the animals and Mother Earth.

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