Full Moon OM Chanting February 2019


Tuesday 19 February

Dedicated to

Balance of Male and Female energy in all Living Beings.

Let us come together from 20:00 – 21:30

Vibration does not know about space or distance. Vibration is in our heart, in our thoughts and acts.

When we are in the OM Chanting circle, we can send His Divine vibration to people who need it, and do not have the change to participate; it is as easy wright down the name, or bring a picture, and put it in the center of the inner circle; not only that, we just may build up a strong image of this person in the mind during the session.

The healing energy of OM will be transported automatically to this person, helping to elevate their vibrations for any need purpose, or any difficulty they find in their lives.

OM Chanting is that powerful.

For this reason, we gather with wider intentions regularly: monthly Full Moon OM Chanting with a particular intention, Unity with OM Chanting to promote World Peace, OM Chanting for vegetarianism/veganism, are only the main examples of the power of OM Chanting, and the impact not only in a personal level or the physical surroundings, but also we can make a huge impact on our global conscience.

OM Chanting helps us to be a better being, helps others to be better, helps Mother Earth, and helps the Global Awareness.

Do you want to come? 🌎❤️🌈

OM Chanting - Atma Kriya Yoga - Meditation - OM

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