Full Moon OM Chanting


Monday 21 January

Dedicated to

Have Faith and Patience on the Spiritual Path.

Let us come together from 20:00 – 21:30

In nature, everything vibrates with a specific frequency, and the vibration of OM is the original cause of the whole creation. Connect yourself with the Divine vibration of OM, and experience the eternal consolation.

OM is the vibration of Divine Love. When we start chanting in the circle, all our cells start vibrating in OM. Then, our mindset is transformed, our reality is transformed, our surrounding is transformed. All negativity is transformed and Divine Love awakens, the creational force of the universe.

When we do OM Chanting with the sincere and selfless intention of awaking this Love inside of us, with the intention of helping others and Mother Earth, then the impact of our chanting becomes much stronger. We all unite in the circle for a higher purpose. We connect with the true purpose of OM Chanting.

Bhakti Marga Sadhana - OM Chanting - Atma Kriya Yoga

OM Chanting Video



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