Find Your Sadhana at the Just Love Festival


Yoga and meditation have been used traditionally by ancient sages, rishis, and spiritual seekers for the attainment of Divine Love. Having perfected this practice, they have passed down this wisdom through the millennia. All traditional yoga and meditation practices are based on these teachings.

The Bhakti Marga Sadhana team is looking forward to sharing the blessings and teachings of these ancient yoga practices with you at the Just Love Festival.

om chanting just love festival bhakti marga
OM Chanting at JLF, 2018

Come join us to celebrate Love. We’ll be waiting for you with a variety of physical yoga and meditation classes to help you calm the mind, nourish your heart, and nurture your relationship with the Divine. We will have a Yoga & Meditation Garden where you can relax and chat with our teachers. The Main Tent will offer a full schedule of yoga and meditation classes each day. Every hour we’ll host a short introduction to chanting the Divine Names in the Yagna House and then have space set aside for quiet meditation.

No experience is needed. Just come and explore and experience the love within.

Check out: for more details and to purchase your tickets.

just love festival bhakti marga map
Just Love Festival Map, 2019

We’ll see you there!

just love festival bhakti marga sign

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