Facing My Fear of Teaching Meditation


Have you ever wanted to be a meditation teacher? Maybe you were inspired by your own Simply Mediation or Atma Kriya Yoga teacher, or OM Chanting organizer and wish you could do what they do. Or maybe you wish you could pass on the benefits of meditation and BM Sadhana to others since you have profited from them so much. 

I would 100% encourage you to become a meditation teacher! I do, however, have to be honest with you. Teaching meditation can be terrifying sometimes. I personally went through a few stages of fear before I taught my first meditation workshop. I had marketed a Simply Meditation course as a 'meditation workshop' and convinced a local yoga studio to offer this workshop to their clients. I started with so much enthusiasm but then became paralysed by fear. Here’s what happened.


The first fear was 'No one will show up'. Apparently, I was determined on making this a reality. Why? I don’t know. The human mind is upside down sometimes and my ego had taken over and was running the show. 

I tried to make my fear of no one showing up for my meditation workshop a reality by not telling anyone that I was giving a workshop. I had the venue booked, I had made a big deposit to book it, but I wouldn’t tell anyone where and when I was teaching. I was paralysed by fear and shyness.

Then, I met up with a friend who told me to “Do something that scares you every day.” So, I decided to have some fliers and posters printed about my workshop and hand them out in a busy area of my time.

I woke up early one day, put on a bright scarf and my bright running shoes, some makeup and a big smile and headed out – all the while my heart threatening to beat out of my chest. I found a spot where a lot of people pass by and started handing out the fliers. 

Two out of three people said, “No, thanks,” and with every “no” my heart broke. It broke, and broke, and broke. Somehow I still managed to give away all the fliers and gave myself permission to go home, curl up and hide under my covers. 

Simply Meditation teacher handing out fliers on the street corner
Handing Out Simply Meditation Fliers

Paralysed BY FEAR

The second fear was paralysing. I had created a Facebook event page for my meditation workshop online but my ego side tried to make me sabotage me by making me not actually publish the event. 

After doing all the work of creating the event page, why was I not making it public? It was out of fear. 

In the end, I 'outed my fear' by posting on Facebook that I was terrified of making this event public but I’m doing it anyway. The moment I openly admitted this, the fear lost its control over me. 

The third fear was in promoting it. I had been in such a resistance and self-sabotage mode leading up to the workshop, that now I only had ten days to promote the event and get people to the workshop. 

At this point, I had given up. I had two people who had paid and booked in and although that was way below what I had hoped for, I accepted it and felt relieved by my own decision to carry on with the meditation workshop instead of cancelling it. 

This new fearlessness and courage made me realize that I had nothing to lose! Finally, I started talking about my upcoming workshop with excitement and enthusiasm instead of dread and fear. 

What do you think happened then? I sold out the workshop!

group of people sitting in a circle learning Simply Meditation
My Simply Meditation Course


Looking back, I can see clearly why all those fears came up as I was getting ready to give this workshop. They came up to stop me in my tracks and to set me back in my mission to share my love of meditation and BM Sadhana. 

Why? Because a part of me knew, that the moment I gave this workshop successfully, I would arrive at the next stage in my development as an Atma Kriya Yoga and Simply Meditation teacher. 

In the stage that followed this experience, I did bigger things, stepped out of my shell a lot more, had more confidence in what I teach, and was able to make a ripple in the world around me.

The confidence I have as a meditation teacher comes from my belief in Atma Kriya Yoga, from my trust in my teacher trainers, and from my belief in the Love that underlies the meditation that I teach.


When you’re experiencing fear about teaching meditation, you can take it as a sign that you are onto something that will bring you closer to your calling and to your life’s purpose. Follow the fear. 

Learn to differentiate between fear that makes you sick because this will lead you nowhere. Instead, follow the fear that makes your heart skip a beat and gives you butterflies in your stomach. 

Follow the fear that makes you secretly excited about teaching meditation. 


Are you a BM Sadhana teacher? If yes, here’s a challenge if you’ll accept it. Let’s do a #meditateinjune challenge! Here are the steps:

  1. Pick a date in the month of June when you would like to teach a BM Sadhana course. 

  2. Announce it to your friends and your extended network. Do a bit of marketing to promote your meditation course. 

  3. Be open and willing to accept the correct payment for your teaching per BM guidelines (this is important since many of us have resistance to accepting money when it comes to sharing spiritual things). 

  4. Show up on the day of your meditation course and teach what you love. 

BM Sadhana Teacher June Challenge
Meditate in June Challenge

Have self-confidence and as my BM Sadhana teacher trainer told me once, have 'Guru Confidence.' Your Guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda would not have made you a BM Sadhana teacher if He didn’t believe that you have what it takes to spread His teachings to others. 

Now it’s time that you believe in yourself too.


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