Don't Be Different, Just Be Yourself


The amazing thing about love is that we can say this word a million times, to a million different people and it means a different thing to each one. Love is unlike happiness. Happiness is universal. If you say happiness, people understand what you mean, but if you say love, the meaning is understood differently for every person.  Love is one-hundred percent unique and that’s because it is a true expression of yourself. To truly love, you have to be yourself. 

In today’s world, we are continually being told how we need to be different from everyone else in order to stand out. To act smarter, be more beautiful, have more money and so on. But what the world needs today is more people who are willing to be themselves, to have the strength and courage to make this connection with their deeper self.  

In today’s world, we are facing many severe challenges. As a result, more and more people are searching for a different direction and asking questions about the deeper meaning of life. Meditation can help you find answers and create an inner transformation in ways that we could never imagine.  Outwardly it may appear as though nothing has changed about a person after they start meditating regularly, but if you ask them how they have changed, their attitude, how they are able to deal with previously difficult situations, how they are able to have understanding, then you will see that these people have completely transformed.  They have had an awakening of acceptance, patience, and compassion, which is beautiful to see, both for themselves and for others. They understand that what they want to give to others, they must first give to themselves.

Often when people first begin walking down the spiritual path, they carry this idea of needing to be different. That in order to be happy, to be more successful, they have to become something different. But in truth, being different than you are will not make you happier. In fact, the opposite is true. Not being yourself is a hindrance to your personal development and spiritual potential. 

When people begin on the spiritual path, they often have this harsh border separating their material and spiritual life. Now I am sitting for my meditation, now I am sitting for my prayers. And when those prayers are finished, I will then carry on with my material life and forget about what just happened inside of me. 

But this is not how it is with Simply Meditation. It doesn’t ask you to be anything other than yourself. It doesn’t ask you to create borders between your spiritual and material life. Instead, the border between material and spiritual life gradually dissolves the more you practice. Your whole life can be transformed; how you feel, how you look, how you wake up in the morning, and how you express yourself at work, in relationships and in all situations.  That’s because Simply Meditation helps you to remove your negativity so that the love inside of you can reveal itself. This feeling of love can become so strong, that you may feel you can no longer contain it and you just have to express it. Simply Meditation will guide you into the depths of the love that has always existed inside of you as you let go of the confinements, judgements, and barriers you create within yourself. 

When you let go, love no longer has any borders and you can become a true expression of yourself in everything. Even the love you express will be unique to just you. 

Simply Meditation will help you calm your mind, awaken inner balance, and guide you to the love waiting to be released within you. Why is this important for the modern world? Because it is this love that brings together our spiritual, material and everyday life. When you practice, it gives you the joy of living, the joy of life and the joy of just being yourself.

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