Cultivating our spiritual soil - the answers we seek


Perhaps you are new to the spiritual path and the Bhakti Marga community and not yet experienced the beauty of Atma Kriya Yoga. But somehow something led you here ~ it is not by chance. If we are "lucky" (it is synchronicity, fate, divine timing) we cross paths with the teachings of light and truth they illuminate our path showing us the way and beyond. We are truly blessed if we cross paths with a fully Realised Living Master. 

Wherever one is on one's spiritual journey from those who have never experienced yoga to spiritual seekers, students and teachers of yoga (yoga is a spiritual philosophy rather than a physical practice) even the yogi, muse on their spiritual journeys and with it comes the inevitable seeking striving doubting questioning and confusion that accompanies the path of realisation. 

So many questions leading on and on not to clarity but to yet more questions more confusion. Here's the thing ~ if we are not ready to receive the fullness and vastness of the answers we seek, we simply cannot receive them, if we have not prepared our spiritual soil, if we are deaf to the whispers of our Soul in the silence, if we are not ready to fully absorb, embody and understand the wisdom of eons its revelation would serve no purpose to the unprepared. 

Because the universe the vastness the immensity {the Divine} will never overwhelm us but flows to us exactly what we are ready to receive when we are perfectly ready to receive it and exactly what is needed in every moment little by little drop by drop in tiny transformations and fleeting moments of Grace until the we begin to linger in Grace more and more.


girl wearing a yellow wrap lying in flowers Bhakti Marga Sadhana


It becomes second nature to be our spiritual nature. A knowing awakens from its slumber and we are open ready ripe and so begin receiving ~ this is Grace.

Only then we can perceive the answers not with the limited mind but with the limitless essence of our Pure Being, and Grace grows with ease and we flow more and more to Bliss. There is Grace all around us in the smallest of moments and the simplest of things. In our fresh clear vision of inner sight the world shines and radiates with a new beauty and energy.

If you are seeking answers to what is limitless through something limited :the mind: what you receive can only be limited. Ultimately the way is through the pure sensory simplicity of stillness of beingness of space of devotion in meditation {sadhana} ~ through the realm of the spiritual heart {anahata}. And less the way of intellectualising or analysing each step each detail along the way. There is a guiding higher intelligence that knows what you need to experience on your inner journey to Joy.

Simply let go and flow~ Trust and Surrender. You are being guided. In perfect {Divine} timing the answers will be revealed. Keep tending and nourishing your spiritual soil and the beautiful seed planted within you. You will surely know when you have ceased questioning because the answers are flowing.

Atma Kriya Yoga is like the light of the Sun, the air and the water, the life force flowing, all the inner spiritual seed needs to grow and flourish. These sacred teachings of great Masters tending to this seedling is such a rare blessing, a Divine gift. Bringing it to bear it's fruit.

From Paramahamsa Vishwananda's discourse on the Bhagavad Gita: "The instruction of the guru is like the seed which is planted in fertile land. If the disciples heart is like a stone nothing will grow from it. Like the parable from the Bible, of the sower. If you throw a seed on dry land nothing will grow. If it falls on a stone nothing will grow. But if it falls on fertile land it will grow and it will bear its fruit." 

Cultivate your spiritual soil with spiritual practice {sadhana} the beauty of Atma Kriya Yoga and my deepest wish is for you to experience it when it is the time. "To every thing there is a season and a time under heaven"

Silence speaks. Sadhana flows. The little seed grows. 


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