Behold the Heavenly Vegan Fast Food: Falafel


Okay, friends this is a safe space. Let’s be honest. The best part of this world is really obvious. It is falafel and hummus! Please, just don’t deny it. Vegan or not everyone agrees with this, and I am no different. I have become so creative in ways of using chickpeas, it’s crazy. Hummus dressed salad? One of the best things you could ever taste. Falafel wraps? You can just go crazy because it is an actual vegan fast-food! 

I know it is not easy to find vegan fast food sometimes, especially when you are travelling. This is normal because it is not an environment you are used to being in and you don’t know where to find what. But I figured out that it is always a safe choice to search for hummus/falafel bars. Literally, you can never go wrong with that. The choices of fillings you can get and then the dressing is just mind-blowing.

But I do have a confession to make...Even though hummus is widely popular in Turkey I never tried falafel till I was 21! Such a waste of time if you ask me. I was in England studying one night my flatmate and I went out to discover the city and grab something to eat. She was already vegan for quite a while, and I was vegetarian back then. She saw the falafel bar from far away got so excited. I just gave her empty looks in return trying to figure out why she was so excited. 

She helped me to pick the perfect wrap, we went to the park and sat down and that was it. It changed my life. I really don’t know what is it that makes it so tasty and addicting but later on we discovered another falafel bar closer to our flat and from that point onwards I was always on the lookout for an excuse to go there and try different combinations of wraps. 

To honour this, I would like to share with you the most amazingly easy falafel recipe you can ever find and unleash the creative person in you. Remember share them on social media with #bmsadhanaveganlove so that everyone can also get inspired for their next falafel day.


Falafel Recipe

140gr chickpeas 

100gr flour 

1 fresh dill (or dried) 

1 parsley (optional)

2 spring onion (optional)

1tbs olive oil



Red pepper




  1. Put everything except the flour into a blender and blend until crumbly

  2. Spoon mixture into a bowl and kneed in the flour

  3. Once it has a dough like consistency, form the dough into your desired shapes and sizes

  4. Pan fry until golden brown, flipping once for consistency.

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