3 Commandments for a Miserable Life


So you want to live a miserable life? Strange blog to come to but we’ve got you covered. There are many ways you can actively pursue a miserable life. Odds are, you are already doing at least one of these things. So congratulations, you are already on the right path to misery. To help you on your journey, we’ve explored and discovered the most effective ways to be miserable.

Here are the Three Commandments for a Miserable Life:

One: Perform ‘problem’ japa as much as possible every day

What our minds focus on we manifest in our lives. If you are truly committed to being miserable, the best possible thing you can do is focus on your problems. Chant the names of your problems all day long. Let yourself fall into an endless sea of what-if questions, spiralling thoughts, and general negativity. Under no circumstances should you start seeking out solutions or looking for a silver lining.

The more you focus on problems in your thoughts the more problems you’ll perceive in your life. More problems in your life bring more misery.

Follow this commandment and you will successfully achieve a miserable life.


Two: Compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is one of the best ways to live a miserable life. As soon as you start comparing yourself to others, you’ll never feel good enough. Define your value by what others have that you do not and certainly, misery will be abundant.

For a truly miserable life, take this a step further. Resent others for having things that you want but don’t have. Resent them more for their perky attitude about it. Pride yourself in not having such things to show off like them while you’re at it. Create a vicious cycle of self-induced pride and resentment caused by comparing yourself to others.

You will remain entirely unsatisfied and fulfilled if you follow this commandment. What a miserable existence that would be.


Three: Live only for yourself

If you’re living by commandments one and two already, you’re probably already living a miserable life. But commandment three is really the nail in the coffin. It will seal the deal for a miserable life.

Living for yourself means your only thoughts and actions are in regards to what is for you and about you. The more you do this the harder it will become to have any sort of relationship that could potentially make you happy.


Here ends the Three Commandments for a Miserable Life.


But now, all jokes aside. Many of us fall into the traps of these commandments regularly. We get lost in our problems and negativity instead of seeking solutions and focusing on God. Just as it is true that the more we focus on negative things the more negative we become, the opposite is also true. The more we focus on positive things the more positive we become. Instead of chanting the names of your problems, chant the Name of God. Chances are your problems will seem much smaller the more you direct your energy to God and your sadhana.

Comparisons distract us from our goal and what we already have. When we compare ourselves to others we neglect to see and appreciate the abundance of blessings in our lives. By comparing, we are also saying that we think we should have more as if God is not providing for us exactly what we need as well. It can also lead to pride if we view ourselves as above or having more than another. Regardless, comparisons pull us away from our goal and God. Instead, focus on the blessings you do have and appreciate the life you have been given as a gift from God.

Love is meant to be shared and to be given as a gift. When we live only for ourselves there’s no space to give or receive love. This inevitably leads to dissatisfaction. A sense of wholeness and satisfaction comes only when we act for the sake of others. A life lived in loving service to God and His creation is a life of Love.

A miserable life is an option. So is a life of love. It’s up to you to decide where you place your mind and how you want to live. Take your pick. The choice is yours.

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